Manage and Access Analytical
Data at Scale

The Challenge

US Federal Government organizations have invested billions in data analytics for data-driven decision-making with powerful machine learning/artificial intelligence (ML/AI) capabilities but are still struggling to source, manage, access, and protect trustworthy analytical data at scale. As a result, they are not realizing maximum value from their significant and increasing investments in data analytics.

The Solution

Octo offers a Data Mesh solution with processes and tools to address this challenge.  Our solution operationalizes the core principles of Data Mesh:

  • Domain-Driven Data Ownership: Optimize for continuous change by focusing on change locally within a domain.
  • Data as a Product: Apply product thinking to delight consumers with trustworthy analytic data products that deliver high mission value.
  • Self-Service Infrastructure as a Data Platform: Empower everyone in the organization with extensive self-service capabilities to manage the data lifecycle and discover, access, and use trustworthy data products.
  • Federated Computational Governance: Manage global concerns, delegate local governance authority to relevant domains, and enforce all data policies via automation.

….to ensure you can succeed even when faced with an explosive growth of data sources and analytics use cases and an increasingly complex and changing mission landscape.

Octo's Data Mesh Helps You Achieve Results:

Improve your ability to get value from data at scale, sustain agility as your organization evolves, and embrace change to realize your aspirational data goals and mission outcomes.

    • Provides faster discoverability and access to relevant data
    • Optimizes customer experience based on data and hyper-personalization
    • Empowers employees to make better decisions with trend analysis and business intelligence
    • Enhances ML/AI return on investment (ROI)
    • Automates data governance enforcement, balancing global concerns with local policies
    • Reduces operational costs and time through data driven optimizations

Is your agency struggling to meet demands for trustworthy analytics data?

Are decision makers frustrated by delays in getting reliable answers to time-sensitive questions?

Are you dissatisfied with your ML/AI ROI?