When it comes to meeting your mission objectives, every minute of every sprint counts. That’s when experience and efficiency matter. That’s when methodology matters.

Our Experience, Your Success

At Octo, we help our customers advance to a modern state of DevSecOps performance. We’ve spent years cultivating advanced DevSecOps practice capabilities. What does that mean for you? Our extensive set of work allows us to deliver modern, transformative software solutions that achieve your mission objectives.

Work with Efficiency

Our full-stack software engineers bring true DevSecOps culture and practices to build flexible, secure, and scalable software with our proven tools and techniques. We help you reduce risk with fully automated, on-demand deployments and eliminate waste and optimize legacy workloads with modern architectures to get users the capabilities they need quickly. Our team of Certified Scrum Masters and Certified Scaled Agilists can create powerful, intuitive dashboards that give you actionable insights at a glance, allowing you to keep your projects on track and identify issues before they become problems.

that Matters

Our work in DevSecOps and Agile has led Octo to develop the METRO methodology for Agile Software Supply Chain operations. Through METRO, Octo transforms agencies into the most advanced, automated, and optimized Agile and DevSecOps operations within the government enterprise.

Maturity – We use our maturity process to create an Agile transformation plan that migrates software development teams to a modern Agile DevSecOps operational state delivering efficient, secure, and performant software solutions at the best value.

Experience and Practices – We employ our experience and practices to create value driven software development through well managed Agile teams.

Technology and Tools – Our teams use the technology and tools within automated DevSecOps pipelines to securely push quality code to production on a regular cadence. Learn how to accelerate your projects with Shift Up™.

Resources – Our Agile Knowledge Center provides Agile teams with online resources for maximizing operational performance and standardizing software product delivery.

Optimization and Measurement – We use robust dashboard tools to create real time metrics that allow Agile teams to optimize and measure their maturity and performance across software programs and projects, providing government stakeholders with situational awareness necessary for making productive business decisions that serve the user community.

Put our Partnerships
to Work for You

We have a powerhouse team of strong partnerships with innovative, technology-first companies enabling us to provide advanced DevSecOps and software engineering practices to our customers.

Read more about how we use our key partnerships to help deliver powerful, secure, and scalable solutions.

SAFe® – As a Gold Partner with Scaled Agile, we bring to customers modern best practices that deliver business value in all our Agile implementations. Our contracts use the 7 Core Competencies of a Lean Enterprise: Enterprise Solution Delivery, Agile Product Delivery, Team and Technical Agility, Lean Agile Leadership, Lean Portfolio Management, Organization Agility, and a Continuous Learning Culture.

Atlassian – When it comes to productivity, the right tools make a difference. Octo uses the Atlassian suite of products from Jira and Confluence to Trello and Opsgenie. We utilize the management processes and metrics analysis of Agile operations across teams to measure the productivity of Agile software delivery throughout our base of customers.

Cloud Native Compute Foundation (CNCF) – As a Certified Kubernetes Solution Provider, we understand the intricate complexity of integrating hundreds of available software technologies that deliver business value support to mission critical government objectives. Octo uses state-of-the-art tools within Kubernetes-based containerized infrastructure to build modern services based solutions for our federal customers.

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