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Welcome to ShiftUp™, Octo’s modular, open source platform for building a modern, secure, scalable, and automated Digital Software Supply Chain. ShiftUp brings technology, people, and processes together for superior development results that advance your missions faster and at less cost.  It helps organizations start, manage, and optimize their Agile and DevSecOps deliveries in a fully automated and integrated manner – from the first user story to the final sprint.

Why ShiftUp?

ShiftUp fuses CMMI-DEV Level 4 processes, tools, and templates with your existing artifacts and processes to help you create a seamless, scalable Agile program. There are three core elements:

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1 / Processes

Agile Knowledge Center

The Agile Knowledge Center (AKC) is a web-based repository designed to ensure consistent application of Agile practices across all of your Agile Teams. With roles-based guidance and templates tailored to your agency, your Agile Teams will know “what” to do “when,” and provide proper documentation at every step. Plus, any process or template changes are automatically propagated throughout the repository.

2 / Tools

OPTIC Pipeline

OPTIC is a fully developed, ready-to-use DevSecOps pipeline that gives you the power to deliver high quality code in minutes. Yes, minutes. It’s a true “one-click” solution. OPTIC provides pre-configured infrastructure; containerized automation; source code management; coding practices; and testing, compliance, and deployment solutions, all with numerous built-in pre-connections. With OPTIC, you can integrate all of your Agile teams into the same workflows, snap in and out your preferred technologies, and evolve the pipeline as you go.

Octo - G OPTIC Pipeline

Instead of spending weeks to stand up tools and systems, you’re able to start delivering 98% defect-free code in as few as 15 minutes.

3 / Insights

Executive Dashboard

ShiftUp provides extensive performance insights via the Executive Dashboard. This highly customizable open-source dashboard delivers real-time performance metrics down to the team and individual levels. Binary indicators let you know when a team or individual is on or off track. Meaningful performance metrics – like Quality, Velocity, Technical Debt, and Shipping Cadence – are continuously available, enabling proactive risk mitigation as well as the replication of successful practices. You’ll see the Return on Investment (ROI) of each sprint and be able to measure and manage performance and budget for every team and program.

Octo - Executive Dashboard

Benefits for Your Agency

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Rapid Transitions & Scaling

Guardrails easily support knowledge transfer and onboarding and offboarding of contractors or Agile Teams

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Streamline communication and collaboration across programs and teams

Octo - Automated Icon

Automate manual reporting and handoffs to save time and improve efficiency

Octo - Faster to Market Icon
Faster Time
to Market

Ready “out of the box,” begin coding within minutes, not weeks

Octo - Velocity Icon

Allows development teams to do what they do best – DEVELOP! – instead of spending >50% of their time fixing pipeline outages

Octo - Flexibility Icon

Easily “snap in” or “out” technologies to match your tool stack

Octo - Quality Icon

Robust automation of testing, containerization, etc. guarantees 98% defect-free code

Octo - Consistency Icon

Uses common development metrics for assessment across teams and programs

Octo - Accurate Icon

Provides real-time, objective data to balance, remediate, or optimize development

Octo - Proactive Icon

Identify, isolate, and remediate issues originating within a team or individual

Octo - Transparent Icon

Offers management and oversight capabilities that are faster and more accurate than self-reporting gate reviews

Octo - Predictable Icon

Identify trends and patterns to better plan timelines and avoid roadblocks

The Octo Difference

Proven Experience, Best Practices, Real Results

Octo is an Agile company – it’s what we do. We have more than a decade of experience implementing Agile practices at large federal agencies. Our Agilists have managed and executed 40+ Agile development programs in the Federal sector with greater than 98% defect-free code and over 85% unit test coverage. We have refined our methodology to create a solution that supports the use of Agile at scale. You can put our more than a decade of experience to work for you – saving time, reducing costs, and improving quality of the products you develop.

Our solution lets your Agile development program run like a well-oiled factory: when you need additional production capacity, you will know exactly when and where to add it, how to activate it and get it running smoothly, and how to ensure it operates like all the other production lines.

Octo holds a CMMI-DEV Level 4 appraisal, a reflection of the reliability and precision of our Agile development methodology. Best of all, it is fully configurable to work with your existing processes, templates, and tools. Together, we can augment and enhance your Agile delivery so you can make the most of the talents of your team and deliver high quality business value in record time.



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