Modernize What Matters.

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The Challenge

The need to optimize and modernize government remains as great as ever. However, the constraints imposed by a portfolio of legacy IT infrastructure, applications, and inefficient business operations threaten to slow the accelerated pace of pandemic-driven digital innovation. This results in:

  • Siloed, redundant implementations
  • Overengineered solutions with growing levels of technical debt
  • Expensive and time consuming federal security and acquisition processes
  • IT funding and resource constraints
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The Solution

Veloce (pronounced “ve-LOW-che”) is a full life cycle low-code/no-code (LC/NC) solution that catalyzes the implementation and adoption of emerging digital technologies and platforms for federal agencies

  • Faster time-to-value while adhering to security and enterprise architecture requirements
  • Scalable modernization through a proven model implemented successfully in small, medium, and the largest, most complex federal environments
  • Empowered federal workforce with turnkey access to safe and sustainable citizen development tools

Veloce Offers

  • Business outcome-focused demand management developed around enterprise-grade, high-value use cases
  • Maximized reusability through recyclable platforms, ATOs, integrations, and development features
  • Strategic and tactical multi-platform management responsible for platform direction, guidelines, guardrails, and best practices
  • Optimized funding model that leverages non-IT funding for licenses and labor support, allowing a reallocation of existing, scarce IT resources

Benefits driving your IT modernization and digital transformation include:

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Faster implementation time than traditional software solutions

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Cost savings by digitizing information-intensive processes

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Faster time-to-value when solutions are included in an enterprise reuse catalog

PaaS/SaaS Components

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Veloce is a proven, strategic, and organized approach to scale low-code/no-code development across federal agencies. Since its inception in 2017, Veloce has been a remarkable success, digitizing at speed and scale for the some of the largest, most complex federal environments. Government agencies can take advantage of Veloce’s repeatable model and empower their business users for the first time to directly apply their experience and expertise to building new and innovative solutions.

Are you ready to modernize what matters? Learn more about Veloce now.