Empowering Informed
Decisions Faster

The Challenge

In today’s digital era, accurate and actionable data is key for informing and empowering workers. Unfortunately, regardless of how much data we gather or how powerful our machines get, the dream of having a system that understands what information we want has been out of reach—until now, through the power of Jinsoku.

The Solution

Jinsoku is an information retrieval framework that provides capabilities traditional systems simply cannot. Instead of using fixed rules and/or algorithms to simply query a dataset, Jinsoku harnesses deep neural networks to retrieve data that has context. This capability can be applied to data of any format on demand, revolutionizing the way we make decisions.

Empowering end users to make rapid, informed decisions, Jinsoku:

  • Applies context to the data end users have asked for, resulting in more relevant data retrieval
  • Features user friendly, open source, cloud native technology that can work with or without existing retrieval solutions
  • Uses a neural search to provide a representation of data that captures semantics
  • Allows a machine to understand what text, image, or document is similar and return meaningful results that match the search context and the custom needs of the end user
  • Accommodates search, chatbots, translation services, academic research, bimodal search, multimedia search, and more
  • Can scale as a standalone solution or be incorporated into existing systems

Every minute, US Federal Government agencies and organizations take on the enormous responsibility of serving and protecting our nation, making decisions based on what they know. Jinsoku empowers government employees and teams to:

Move beyond keyword

queries and algorithms

Benefit from an

improved user experience

Make better

decisions, faster