At Octo, we have proven experience supporting critical missions across government. Through this work we have developed unique capabilities and the necessary domain expertise to create cutting edge products that use emerging technologies. Learn how our products can have an immediate impact on your agency.

Smash your data silos and streamline the process for sharing that data with your federal mission partners. CDF allows you to retain the critical policies that protect your data, without letting those policies become a hindrance.

In the cloud or at the tactical edge, effortlessly adapt your ML models to the rapidly evolving situation on the ground. Hatteras automates ML model retraining in dynamic conditions to avoid deterioration and keep models accurate.

Provide 360° situational awareness to your forward teams that require real time, accurate information in any environment, even in the most austere conditions. The OctoCX™ suite of tools allows your teams to collect, aggregate, sort, push, and store actionable information.

Start, manage, and optimize your Agile and DevSecOps deliveries in a fully automated and integrated manner — from the first user story to the final sprint.

Instead of using fixed rules and/or algorithms to simply query a dataset, Jinsoku harnesses deep neural networks to retrieve data that has context.

Move from guesswork to precision decision making. Octo’s Data Mesh is a complete solution that lets you source, manage, access, and protect trustworthy analytical data at scale.

The logo for Octo's Veloce product featuring the name Veloce with an arrow underneath it.

Modernize What Matters with human centered design principals and our expertise with low-code/no-code platforms like Salesforce, Pega, Microsoft Power Platform, and ServiceNow.