Policy-driven Data Sharing Made Easy

Every agency’s success depends on the speed at which it receives data. But necessary policies make sharing data between agencies, departments, and organizations time consuming at best. The solution? Octo’s Common Data Fabric (CDF) that automates policy resolution, allowing agencies to share data in hours as opposed to days, weeks, or months.

CDF Makes it Possible

  • Share your data with your policy
  • Provide secure self service access to data
  • Make data accessible at the speed of need
  • Understand and manage enterprise data flows

Massive Data, Rigid Policies

Why CDF?

The Federal Government is driven by massive amounts of data. That data accumulates rapidly and tends to end up in stand-alone silos without any reliable or flexible way to share it.

But it’s not the technology that makes data sharing difficult. It’s the policies that rely on intricate, fragile, inflexible methods of data sharing incapable of responding to today’s ever changing requirements.


  • Improves interoperability by enabling data reciprocity
  • Implements a common data sharing policy
  • Harnesses community data sharing standards
  • Establishes a data governance framework

Plus, CDF enables fielded applications to take full advantage of innovative and immersive technologies to include cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), data augmentation, and big data analytics.

The Credibility Factor

Octo has been at the forefront of applying the latest commercial technologies in support of defense, intelligence, health, federal civilian, regulatory, and finance public sectors. When it comes to CDF, we have been working with the Federal Government to identify and deploy best of breed tools, technologies and processes to integrate this cutting-edge technology. We have the knowledge, experience, and people to make secure data sharing possible.

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