Mark Wells, VP of DevSecOps Center of Excellence & Software Solutions

Methods Matter: Engineering for Business Value, Part II

Agile best practices that involve process are keys to unlocking maximum business value for customers. These practices include Design Thinking and Experimentation, Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Development, and DevSecOps.

Veterans, Your Skills Transfer to the Civilian Sector, Part II

While the job search process can be trying for anyone entering a new sector or market, veterans face roadblocks common to those who haven’t served. Veterans must navigate tricky waters involving formulating resumes, negotiating salaries, and managing hiring timelines for the first time.
Mark Wells - VP, DevSecOps Center of Excellence

Methods Matter: Engineering for Business Value, Part I 

Software engineering is all about people working to make missions happen. How can they create business value for customers needing quality technology solutions developed efficiently? Read on for the top five best practices for engineering teams.
Aaron Festinger - Machine Learning Engineer

Human Centered Design: What Warfighters Need to Win, Part II 

Acoustically based artificial intelligence used for situational awareness can truly support the warfighter when it is developed using Human Centered Design (HCD).

Veterans, Your Skills Transfer to the Civilian Sector

How can veterans apply skills in a non-military world? It starts with examining what we veterans learn through our years of service and translating that into civilian language. Then it comes down to finding the right place to work.

Human Centered Design: What Warfighters Need to Win, Part I

Human Centered Design enables development of robust tools that simplify tasks. And in the case of the warfighter, tools built like this are essential to survival.

Get to Know SeaPort, the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) Procurement Solution

By Victoria Disman, Director, Professional Services Consulting With…

What Your Agency Should Know About Low-Code Development Solutions 

Many agencies are making the jump to low-code development platforms to accelerate delivery and add value while working to meet their mission.
Sujey Edwards - CTO

Transform Your Federal Health Agency with These AI Innovations

The federal health sector is starting to adopt automation, embracing plans that include artificial intelligence (AI) while plotting a future in which the public is served more efficiently. Octo is proud to have developed these prototypes for federal agencies.
Cesar Tavares - Senior Director, Emerging Technology

The Promise of AI in Health IT

HHS and other health agencies recognize Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a key to modernization and automation and that it can help solve data management challenges.