Maximizing the Power of Citizen Development Part Four: Reusable Components

As we said back in Part One of this series, citizen development using low-code/no-code tools holds immense potential. One factor that makes low-code/no-code platforms good candidates for citizen development is the reusable components they offer. These components in low-code or no-code development are like building blocks that we can use repeatedly to create automations, gateways, applications, and more, all with myriad benefits.

Meet the Volunteers - Nandita Theraja Building Resiliency, Bringing Compassion

Today, we feature an employee who embodies our core value of Seva. Meet Nandita Theraja who has been with Octo for three years, is an avid volunteer, and who, since childhood, has been bringing resiliency, compassion, and smiles to those in need. 

Making Sense of the DevOps Buzzword Soup

DevOps has been around for more than 20 years. This should be a straight-forward answer by now. The reason it isn’t is because of the continuous development of new concepts, ideas, methodologies, techniques, and processes used by marketing and engineering teams to differentiate their unique capabilities from other competitors. Truth is, this cornucopia of buzzwords is not actually anything new, but more of a variation on the existing theme of DevOps. So, let’s clear up the confusion.

Embracing Citizen Development: A Strategic Move for IT Leaders

In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, organizations continually search for ways to innovate and stay ahead of the competition. As IT leaders, the push for digital transformation includes the need for efficient and effective IT solutions. One such approach gaining momentum is citizen development.

Meet the Volunteers: Shaun Morris

Shaun Morris is an innovative senior software development manager at Octo offering nearly two decades of experience in the full software development lifecycle. Not only is he an expert in agile software development methodologies, tools, and processes and known for his excellent troubleshooting/testing skills, Shaun is equally passionate about giving back to the community.  

Meet the Innovators: Jennifer Mahoney

Meet Jennifer Mahoney, Senior Director of Growth for Octo’s Federal Civilian accounts.

Meet the Innovators: Babatunde “Tundey” Akinsanya

It’s time for the next installment of Meet the Innovators,…

Meet the Innovators: Meghan Gifford

Innovation comes in many forms, and it takes talented people…

Meet the Innovators: Cindy Walker

Welcome back to Meet the Innovators, where we feature the thinkers and doers making great things happen for Octo’s customers. Today we’re interviewing Cindy Walker, Vice President of Octo’s Data Management and Analytics Center of Excellence (CoE). Cindy has been with Octo for 16 months and supports all of Octo’s lines of business and business development with data management and analytics solutions and best practices.

Meet the Innovators: Ted Hallum

Today, we feature Ted Hallum, Senior Defense Machine Learning (ML) Engineer. Ted has been with Octo since January 2021 and supports our oLabs™ Artificial Intelligence (AI) Center of Excellence (CoE).