Meet the Innovators: Jennifer Mahoney

Meet Jennifer Mahoney, Senior Director of Growth for Octo’s Federal Civilian accounts. Jennifer has been with Octo for almost three years, and during that time, has established herself as an expert to watch. We caught up with Jennifer to hear her take on innovation in this new installment of Meet the Innovators.  

Jennifer, thank you for speaking with us today. As a business development executive and capture manager, you have many irons in the fire. How would you describe your work at Octo overall? 

I work across our Federal Civilian portfolio in conjunction with our program managers and technologists to identify opportunities both with existing customers and new customers to share information about Octo’s capabilities, our new research and development hub oLabs™, and our growing suite of emerging technology tools that will support our federal customers’ most pressing challenges. I also regularly work with our solution architects, proposal teams, and delivery teams to support new business efforts and identify opportunities for growth. The work is fast-paced and offers plenty of room for professional growth as Octo grows.  

Thank you for that. Now let’s get a little more specific. Much of Octo’s work focuses on modernization and emerging technologies. Implementation can be a challenge. How do you approach those challenges? 

Octo is fortunate to have grown its IT and company partnerships over the past 16 years in business, which has enabled our offerings to constantly evolve. We’ve had many customers approach our existing programs with opportunities to expand upon the current IT modernization and transformation efforts we support today. Some of those projects require creative approaches and tailored solutions. Through our strategic partnerships, we can quickly pivot and ensure we deliver the right solution in a timely manner. For example, as the Federal Government looks to implement more emerging technology solutions to streamline delivery of services to citizens, Octo has been at the forefront of scalable Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Machine Learning initiatives. We’ve already incorporated AI and Computer Vision into solutions for customers, including the General Services Administration (GSA) and the Department of the Treasury.  

It sounds like innovation is at the heart of these initiatives. So tell us, when you think of the word “innovation,” what comes to mind and why?  

Innovation means meeting the needs of our customers by providing the latest in scalable IT solutions. I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to meet with customers across multiple federal agencies on a regular basis to listen and learn about the challenges they face with aging technology systems and applications. With the opening of oLabs, we have been able to bring many of our customers, including Treasury, USCIS, TSA, and GSA, into the office to be part of real-time solution discussions where we ideate, work together to build prototypes, and prepare for the next phase of our projects. Working in constant partnership with our customers ensures success, and to me, that’s real innovation.  

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in your position?  

I learn as much from our customers and their strategic IT goals as I hope they do from partnering with Octo. This is important in establishing and building good relationships, the foundations for business development. Business development itself is all about effective research, communication, and transparency. I approach every discussion with partners and customers with respect and thoughtful consideration to their goals and time constraints and ensure I target the conversation so that all parties walk away with their goals achieved. My recommendation to anyone in this field is to remember preparation is key. Do your research so that every conversation is a worthwhile one for each participant.   

Anything else you would like to add?  

In my role, I have the pleasure to work across every department within Octo, collaborating daily with our solution architects, the best and brightest technologists, and our program teams that consistently deliver results and exceed expectations for our customers. No two days are the same when working on new, scalable solutions, but the goal will always be to provide the highest level of customer service possible to the Federal Government.  

Are you an innovator at heart? Whether you support business or technology development, Octo has positions for professionals dedicated to helping federal customers meet important missions. Learn more by exploring our Careers page. Veteran? Start your search here.