Meet the Innovators: Cindy Walker

Welcome back to Meet the Innovators, where we feature the thinkers and doers making great things happen for Octo’s customers. Today we’re interviewing Cindy Walker, Vice President of Octo’s Data Management and Analytics Center of Excellence (CoE). Cindy has been with Octo for 16 months and supports all of Octo’s lines of business and business development with data management and analytics solutions and best practices.

Achieving Search Success: Meshing Data with User Friendly Search Experiences   

We’ve learned a bit about Data Mesh recently, and Octo offers its data mesh solution with processes and tools to address data management challenges. Let’s flip the script now and talk about how we can improve customer digital experiences in our applications by “meshing” all this data into user friendly search experiences — in other words, “Just give me what I’m looking for” in two clicks or less.

Octo Works with AWS to Deliver Data Mesh Solutions for Federal Government Organizations

Octo is working with AWS to offer its data mesh solutions to Federal Government customers seeking to source, manage, access, and further protect critical analytical data at scale.

Federal Government Organizations Should Adopt Data Mesh Now

Federal government organizations should become early adopters of data mesh because most stand to benefit from pivoting from a traditional approach to data mesh as soon as possible. 

Octo Develops Data Mesh Solution for Federal Government Organizations

Octo develops a data mesh solution for federal government customers seeking to source, manage, access, and protect trustworthy analytical data at scale.