Octo Brings Further Value through PMI Citizen Development Silver Partnership 

By Amber Wise, Low-Code/No-Code Business Analyst 

Committed to Citizen Development (CD) and the use of low-code/no-code options that bring Federal Government customers tremendous value, Octo is pleased to announce it has earned a Silver Citizen Development (CD) Partnership through the Project Management Institute (PMI). PMI’s partnership program provides a global ecosystem of low-code/no-code technology vendors and delivery organizations that align with PMI standards that, according to PMI, allow “the world to unlock the true value of citizen development in a safe and scalable way.” Marked by purpose and dedication, the journey to this accomplishment required meeting significant milestones, resulting in tangible benefits for Octo and our customers.

Silver CD Partnership Milestones

From soliciting and implementing feedback to building collaborations to making investments in our teams, Octo demonstrated commitment to bringing customers value by meeting PMI’s strict partnership requirements.

Listening to Customers: Having a commitment to excellence, we solicited feedback from three satisfied customers who provided valuable feedback we put into practice.

Adopting Best Practices: Octo wholeheartedly embraced PMI’s CD Delivery Methodology. By adhering to their best practices, we ensured the success of our CD initiatives.

Illustrating Expertise: Octo went beyond simply articulating capabilities. The low-code/no-code team substantiated them with case studies documenting proficiency and illustrating effective implementation of CD in real-world scenarios. 

Building Strategic Collaborations: To augment our efforts, we established strategic partnerships with industry-leading low-code vendors. These collaborations bolstered our ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions and provides customers low-code/no-code options.

Sharing Knowledge: Our commitment to sharing what we know and have learned extended beyond our organization. We contributed significantly to the field by crafting thought leadership articles and disseminating our expertise and best practices.

Committing to Community: Octo’s commitment to community was exemplified through pro bono case studies demonstrating how we actively created positive social impact by participating in programs like Hiring Our Heroes.

Investing in Our Teams: We recognized that our team’s growth and development were pivotal to our success. Consequently, we invested extensively in training programs, resulting in more than 50 certifications in PMI’s CD courses: Foundations, Practitioners, and Business Architects.

Benefits of CD Silver Partnership

Becoming a PMI partner has yielded many benefits, translating to increased value we now bring to our customers.

  1. Strategic Collaboration Opportunities: Octo prides itself in promoting collaboration with customers and industry partners. The PMI Silver Partnership opens strategic collaboration opportunities that allow us to stay at the forefront of industry trends and best practices. This means we can offer customers innovative solutions aligned with the latest developments.
  2. Cost Savings: As a result of our partnership, we can now offer customers discounts on PMI CD courses. These courses provide Federal Government teams valuable cost-saving CD skills while optimizing their training budget.
  3. Monthly Partner Meetups: Through PMI’s monthly partner meetups, we exchange insights and ideas with other industry professionals. This translates to improved services and more tailored solutions for our customers.
  4. Enhanced Visibility: Through enhanced visibility at PMI events, we stay at the forefront of emerging technologies, industry insights, and regulatory changes, ensuring that solutions for our customers are always cutting-edge and compliant.
  5. Knowledge Sharing: We offer thought leadership through webinars and interviews to share informed and strategic guidance for customer initiatives. By contributing to PMI’s library of content, we provide customers insights that can directly benefit their operations and projects.
  6. International Recognition: International recognition through PMI reflects our commitment to excellence and adherence to industry-leading standards, ensuring our customers consistently receive top-tier service and technology.

It is no secret that CD represents the future of government efficiency. Octo is maximizing this Silver partnership with PMI by taking full advantage of opportunities that add value for our customers, while advancing toward a Gold partnership. To learn how our partnership can benefit your agency or organization, reach out to a member of Octo’s low-code/no-code team.