Maximizing the Potential of Citizen Developers Part Three: An Emphasis on Providing Support

Citizen development using Low-Code/No-Code tools holds immense potential. But unlocking its power requires organizations to offer tailored training and support. We touched on the need for training in Part Two. Now we will overview necessary elements of support.

Transforming Legacy Applications with LCNC

By Alex Abrosimov, Business Analyst  In a rapidly evolving…

Maximizing the Potential of Citizen Development Part Two: The Right Training and Support 

Organizations that want to excel at citizen development must prepare accordingly. Citizen developers need proper tools, training, support, and established governance. Without these, citizen development can become a nightmare. This article will examine strategies for training and supporting citizen developers to prosper in their roles.     

Understand Citizen Development (CD) Risks: Mitigate and Avoid Them with a Citizen Development Center of Excellence (CD COE)

As agencies increasingly look to empower their business subject matter experts (SMEs) and give them the freedom to create solutions to meet their mission, citizen development has become a popular way of building applications quickly. While citizen development comes with several advantages, it also poses various risks that must be managed for the organization to reap the total rewards of this approach.

Unlocking Business Potential: Understanding Low-Code Application Platforms (LCAP) and Their Benefits 

As organizations strive to become more efficient, many have begun to turn to low-code application platforms (LCAPs) to speed up the application development process. LCAPs enable organizations to quickly create high-quality applications with much less effort than traditional development methods require.

Embracing Citizen Development: A Strategic Move for IT Leaders

In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, organizations continually search for ways to innovate and stay ahead of the competition. As IT leaders, the push for digital transformation includes the need for efficient and effective IT solutions. One such approach gaining momentum is citizen development.