Meet the Interns: Kaliel Vieira

Octo has had the pleasure of having a new group of talented interns join us this summer, and we’ve been pleased to highlight them in our series, Meet the Interns. In our last installment, we featured Braden Adam, a diehard Washington sports fan passionate about artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and data science. This time, we’re featuring Kaliel Vieira, a rising senior graduating in 2023 with a computer science degree from Virginia Tech.

Kaliel, tell us a little about yourself and your hobbies and how those tie into your work philosophy.

I am originally from Brazil and because of that, I am fluent in Portuguese and proficient in Spanish. I also have interests in learning new languages and researching almost any topic I can gain knowledge from. This is important to my career path and progress because in the technology field, you always have to be willing to learn.

Some of my hobbies are spending time with family and friends and playing and watching sports, especially soccer. Since I have played team sports my entire life, I know how important teamwork is. I believe that the teamwork we are using in this internship will be applicable in my career and make it possible for all of us to achieve something big.

What do you think of Octo so far?

Octo constantly exceeds expectations in the technology field, especially within artificial intelligence (Al) and machine learning (ML). The company’s culture has helped me envision a potential career here.

What do you think of the internship so far, and what do you hope to learn?

Based on my first weeks within the company, I can say I have felt like part of the Octo family since my orientation day. Everyone has been approachable in a way that says we interns are more than welcome to meet with people in every section of the company, make connections, and ask questions. The opportunity itself is already very exciting and is huge for me.

As I progress in the internship, I hope to get to practice solving real world problems by applying the computer knowledge I have gained from my classes. I look forward to more teamwork and making as many connections as possible.

What draws you to AI and ML? What is interesting about it?

To me, the most interesting thing about ML/AI is that we do not have a concrete idea of where it will go. There is a different technology evolving every day within ML and AI, so there is no certainty about the future, and that is exciting.

Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

I see myself working in an organization where I can implement my ideas, a company that offers education advancement opportunities to its employees, and a company that preserves its culture. In short, a company such as Octo.

Would you enjoy working in a dynamic environment that provides tools and resources to help you succeed? Octo is an inclusive workplace for employees at every career stage. We’re hiring technologists and support staff with a passion to learn and empower customers to meet essential missions. Check out careers at Octo now. And stay tuned for our next installment of Meet the Interns.