Meet the Interns: Braden Adam

Meet the Interns: Braden Adam 

Have you met the bright folks who have joined Octo as interns this summer? Last week, we spotlighted Arnav Garg, a robotics and AI enthusiast. This week, we feature Braden Adam, a diehard Washington sports fan who has played soccer his whole life. Braden shares what the internship opportunity means to him and how it relates to his future. 

Thank you for taking the time to share more about your background! What drew you to an internship at Octo? 

Octo is a very tight knit, organized, industry powerhouse, and I’m excited to have the opportunity to up my skills and work with teams through this internship. I feel like a team oriented internship has so much to offer, as it gives me a taste of what I will be doing in my potential career. Rather than participating in an internship where I am alone performing a list of tasks, I will be taking part in a group project where we are left to manage ourselves and get a sense of how groupwork will look after I start my career – reflecting the Agile framework.  

What excites you about this experience? 

I am interested in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and data science. So I am excited to work on Octo’s neural search programs and integrate AI using what I have learned in school. I am eager to get technical knowledge of artificial intelligence and deep learning as well as workplace teamwork skills that I can use in similar applications in my future.  

What excites you about the future of ML/AI? What do you see happening in the field, and what do you want to be working on in two to five years?  

The limitless possibilities and countless forms of applications are truly exciting and interesting. I see the next era of technology as the integration of chips into human-body systems. Considering the ethical dilemmas associated with this field, I would love to work on projects in this area to ensure these dilemmas remain at the forefront of discussion and decision making as we break the next barrier of human-computer interaction.  

In the near future, I want to be working on cutting edge technological projects involving artificial intelligence – anything from autonomous travel to neural chips that facilitate our everyday lives. I hope to have worked on a lifechanging project within five years, followed by making a groundbreaking innovation using artificial intelligence that will leave my name with a legacy.  

Who is an innovator you admire? 

Steve jobs – from a purely creative regard (he wasn’t the nicest of people). 

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