Linking Delivery Performance with Winning New Work

Service delivery excellence is one of the most critical factors affecting new contract awards, recompetes, and more. And it’s something leaders and managers need to remind delivery teams about consistently if we want to continue to succeed in the industry.

Unlocking Agile in Government: Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Over the past 10-15 years, U.S. government agencies have taken huge steps in adopting Agile approaches for software development in hopes of delivering more innovative solutions faster. Seeing the commercial sector enjoy more than 20 years of success with Agile methodologies, the government has made significant efforts to embrace adoption through Executive Orders, OMB Directives, departmental policies, and even legislative measures such as the National Defense Authorization Act. However, effectively implementing Agile requires overcoming ingrained processes and mindsets prevalent in bureaucratic organizations. Without care, attempts at Agile can fall short and fail to achieve the desired benefits and exacerbate existing problems. Let’s examine key pitfalls to avoid when bringing Agile to government work. 

Balanced Automation: Creating Operational Excellence Across Federal Agencies

Government agencies are often tasked with a myriad of repetitive and time-consuming tasks that can be streamlined through automation. From data entry to document processing, these tasks not only consume valuable time and resources, but are also prone to human error. By harnessing the power of automation, agencies can significantly enhance their operational efficiency.

Elevating Federal Team Performance for Superior Customer Satisfaction

In the dynamic landscape of Federal government contracting, where regulations and administrations change frequently, the quest for excellence is unending. To secure business opportunities and enhance customer satisfaction, it is paramount for government contracting (GovCon) teams to continuously elevate their performance levels.  

Using AI and Generative AI for Cloud-Based Modernization of Federal Agencies

As cloud computing environments expand and diversify, government agencies are confronted with a growing array of cloud services, options, and offerings. To navigate this complexity effectively, agencies must formulate well informed strategies aimed at understanding, anticipating, rationalizing, and optimizing major cloud architecture decisions to reduce technical debt and create seamless interaction with applications.

Winning in Digital Transformation: A Sports Model for Building Teams

In the fast-paced arena of federal government digital transformation, some things more than others set contractors apart. I've had the privilege of leading winning teams in a company that's not only embraced digital transformation, but also has adopted a playbook that draws inspiration from the world of sports. At Octo, we've built dynamic digital transformation teams using a sports model, emphasizing the pivotal role of company culture and commitment to the customer to succeed in the larger federal market. 

Enhancing Collaboration and Customer Satisfaction through Successful PI Planning

By Saya Sone, Agile Coach-SPCT Candidate It was a week of productive…