Saving the Lives of Law Enforcement Officers: The Need for Tactical Data

A look at how our OctoCX™ technology suite gives tactical teams an edge in the field

By Jay McNallie, Director, Product Development

Law enforcement and tactical teams need real-world solutions to enhance their operations. By providing these teams with real-time data to maximize information available on the frontlines, we deliver protection and aid in achieving mission success.

Recognizing that digital infrastructure must outpace the technology used in security threats, we believe that innovative applications answer this emerging and ever-expanding issue. To this end, Octo focuses on the two primary challenges that must be addressed:

  1. Moving tactical data and protecting law enforcement/tactical teams and
  2. Providing tools that can be used by teams operating in disconnected, intermittent, limited (DIL) network environments.

Challenge 1: Moving Tactical Data and Protecting Law Enforcement/Tactical Teams 

When in the field and on the frontlines, teams move and consume tremendous amounts of information; however, data management technology does not always accommodate the most effective methods to analyze and disseminate this data. Manual analysis is both time consuming and error prone. Simply put, law enforcement officers (LEOs) and their tactical teams need better access to data in near real-time to keep their teams safe. If LEOs can’t access the data, they might not be aware of all conditions in the field, making them vulnerable. Our OctoCX™ technology suite provides insight into the rapidly changing environment and conditions in the field to distributed tactical teams.

Challenge 2: Remote Team Effectiveness  

Teams often run into obstacles regarding how to detect, predict, and analyze threats, which decreases their survivability rate and reduces the likelihood of mission success. Users often have difficulty accessing the right information needed to make tactical decisions, especially when they are in austere environments. And, more often than not, the technology gets in the way because it has not been developed with real end users in mind. Octo works directly with experts in the field and the end users who use our technologies to better understand the issues they face. From these interactions, we learned that operators of tactical devices need the ability to control autonomous or semi-autonomous devices with minimal operator focus. Small teams also need varying technologies to assist in AI integration. What we have found is that our AI products can deliver important information to end users quickly and securely.

OctoCX™ on the Frontlines

When designed with the end user in mind, data solutions can transform missions, making the impossible possible. Knowing this, we built the OctoCX™ suite of products to bring powerful 360° situational awareness to teams that require real time, accurate information in any arena and under any condition.

Leveraging the best of open source technologies and edge computing, OctoCX™ puts knowledge and capability in the hands of those who need it most. Designed and tested in collaboration with real users, OctoCX™ allows teams to leverage pertinent information available at the enterprise level, but that data is aggregated and shared with users regardless of where they serve or what their mission entails.

The following is a list of AI solutions available through our OctoCX™ suite:

  • CXEdge™ – A tactical AI integration platform that can run on low size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C) hardware; enables teams to collect, analyze, and distribute mission critical data in real time to handheld or wearable devices or downstream applications.
  • CXSearch™ – A powerful search and retrieval app allowing users of all experience levels to easily construct complex geospatial, temporal, keyword, and attribute-based queries using natural language.
  • CXSurge™ – An object detection tool for advanced monitoring, powered by AI and mixed reality.
  • CXDrive™ – A domain-aware storage solution allowing users to upload, tag, save, and store data organized in folders, saved privately, or shared with other users, groups, or the enterprise.
  • CXMaps™ – An app for creating and editing geospatial reports that can be shared in CX Drive or exported to other information systems.
  • CXSecure™ – A user friendly data security system for administration of Octo CX users, groups, roles, and policies.
  • CXTransfer™ – A powerful solution to move critical data from edge to enterprise with guaranteed delivery and failover in the face of denied and degraded comms.
  • Tooling for integration of tactical sensors, Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, and consuming devices.

Use Cases

With OctoCX™ products, the sky is the limit (quite literally) for potential uses. Here are just a few examples of how CXEdge™ can give LEOs the tactical edge:

  • Using data collected from airborne assets, users can monitor areas of interest to determine patterns of life: AI/ML algorithms deployed on CXEdge™ can detect movements in areas to aid in mission planning.
  • Tactical Operations, such as raiding a known safe house: We can put CXEdge™ in place with an overhead asset and perform real time detections of personnel movement on the ground to observe if suspects flee the house.
  • Aerial surveillance to monitor for looters during curfews: We can put a persistent drone in the air and use CXEdge™ to send alerts if people walk into the field of view during curfews.

To learn more about how this technology suite can bolster your missions, visit our website or reach out to us directly for a demonstration.