Meet the Volunteers: Steph Chase on Service and Compassion

Seva—serving a greater purpose. It’s a core value here at Octo, which is why we regularly feature employees who embody that value. Steph Chase is one of those employees.

Steph has been with Octo for four years, and she is one busy professional. Not only does Steph serve as a dynamic Director of Corporate Partnerships, she lends a helping hand on two nonprofit boards.

Steph, thank you for speaking with us today. How would you describe the work you do for Octo?  

I have the pleasure of facilitating some of our corporate partnerships, as it relates to marketing. Being able to deep dive to create an account-based marketing plan or ensuring content is ready for a conference for our top partners are examples of that crossroads.

Outside of work, we hear you are an avid volunteer. What organizations do you volunteer for and in what capacity? 

I have been a board member for Fields 4 Valor Farms, a local, veteran-focused farm, for almost five years, and I just recently accepted a nomination for the ALS Association board of directors.

That is quite impressive. Can you tell us a little about your journey and how you came to volunteer in these capacities? 

After working for several veteran owned organizations that were serving the Department of Veterans Affairs, it was a natural fit for me to support veterans. I learned about Fields 4 Valor Farms while managing a corporate partnership with Dog Tag Bakery/Foundation. Fields 4 Valor was born out of their entrepreneurial program. As for the ALS Association, that was a more personal decision as my husband passed away from this disease in 2020. I felt that with the knowledge I gained while caregiving, it was natural for me to use my experience in this organization.

Like any journey, once you recognize that you CAN give, it becomes a natural life step. I volunteered for Fields 4 Valor just as my husband was diagnosed with ALS. I knew that giving back at that time was crucial to my growth. It may seem like an odd time to start volunteering but my response when asked that question was – how can I not? I knew that my life was going to change as ALS has no cure. The understanding that I wanted to be a part of something greater came front and center when faced with a major life change.

That sounds like it would be challenging, yet you persevered. How did you stick with it even during the difficult times?  

What I have found is that many organizations understand the ask, so when it gets tough with time or resources to support the organization, everyone pitches in. It’s not a paid position, so we have to support one another and be flexible. The key is to have a large enough team.

So, what advice do you have for anyone considering volunteering?  

I would say attend a few events and find out if the organization is a good fit. You can only know by trying. The other thing would be to find a friend who can enjoy volunteering with you. There really is strength in numbers. The capacity for compassion grows through service. Often people feel like they don’t have anything to offer, but it’s never the case. Everyone has something to contribute. Volunteering will increase your confidence.

Anything else you would like to add? 

I remember when my son was in elementary school, and I complained about something. Another parent said to me, if you really want to know more about how the school operates, you should attend a board meeting or get more involved. She was right. It’s easy to sit back and criticize something but having a greater understanding as to why things are the way they are is a much better approach.

If employees want to contribute to the nonprofits I am with, we have two upcoming events that Octo’s Corporate Social Responsibility program is also supporting: Fields 4 Valor Farm Service Day on August 5 and the ALS CEO Soak on August 10. I encourage everyone get involved.

About Octo’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program    

Octo’s CSR program exists to serve vulnerable communities and advance food security, technology education, and health outcomes. Through meaningful engagement, Octo employees align their passion with purposeful opportunities that create community solutions. Whether it’s providing technology training to children and young adults, volunteering to support transitioning service members, serving meals to the hungry, or something else, we operate with a service-first mentality. Interested in working for a company that cares? Visit Octo’s Careers page and explore opportunities now.