Meet the Interns on Team Surge

Meet the interns on Team Surge

Welcome to our final installment of Meet the Interns 2023. Over the past weeks, we’ve spoken with Octo’s 30 interns to learn more about their summer project and what makes them tick as growing IT professionals. Last week, we met members of Team Pinna. Today, we introduce Team Surge working on the EchoNet project. If you recall, EchoNet is an AI-powered tool that, given a recording, will determine where a sound came from and send a drone to take pictures of the sound source’s location. The solution has various use cases, including search and rescue and battlefield operations. Let’s jump in by introducing Team Surge:

  • Arnay Vohra, senior at Virginia Tech, majoring in computer science
  • Drew Allegra, Virginia Tech graduate, bachelor’s degree in meteorology
  • Gianna Rowe, senior at Virginia Tech, majoring in computational modeling and data analytics
  • Katherine Maus, senior at George Mason University, majoring in computer science
  • Moeed Chaudhry, senior at Virginia Tech, majoring in computer science
  • Chris Attorri, senior at Catholic University of America, majoring in computer science

Arnay, let’s start with you. What part does Team Surge play in supporting EchoNet?

We help out with the user interface (UI) using augmented reality. Working with different development tools, we are helping to build the shot detection part of EachoNet. Each tool uses its own algorithms, so it can get complex.

Thank you. Anyone want to add to what Arnay had to say about the team’s contributions? 

Drew: Sure. Like Arnay said, our project is to create the UI. The UI will interact with the CX Surge™ mapping engine. CXSurge is Octo’s AI, ML, and mixed reality (MR) solution for locating targets of interest. Our team’s UI will be compatible with both web apps and android apps, which makes it more user-friendly and adaptable for different use cases.

Katherine: Yes, like Drew said, we’re integrating our UI with CX Surge. We will get it up and running for ATAKs – the Android Team Awareness Kit, which is an Android smartphone geospatial infrastructure and military situation awareness app.

Sounds like an interesting part of the bigger project. Now let’s hear what attracted everyone to this internship. 

Moeed: I chose Octo due to the projects they are currently involved in and their mission to make sure that all their work has a real, tangible, positive impact in the world. It’s a mission that drew me in.

Gianna: I chose Octo as the intern project was by far the most interesting I’ve seen across all the different interviews I had done. In my interview with Octo, I was told that this internship would provide me with an experience unlike any other, and that has proven to be 100% true.

Chris: I chose to intern with Octo because of the project the interns are working on this summer. It became clear to me this internship provided a very hands-on experience where I could show the company my skills in computer science while contributing to Octo’s work.

Katherine: I chose Octo because I really liked the project we would be working on and found it super interesting. I also really liked the workplace environment and the excitement that the team interviewing me had about working at Octo. I really wanted to be a part of the team.

Arnay: I’ve always been interested in machine learning and government contracting. Being able to find an internship that satisfies both of those interests and helps further my career in computer science was amazing.

Drew: I have wanted to get into the government contracting world, and this seemed like a great opportunity for me to gain valuable experience and expand my knowledge of the field.

Thank you, Team Surge, for your hard work and for giving us a peek into your aspirations and bright futures. We wish you the best of luck as you pursue your careers. 

If you have a passion for innovation and learning, if you are driven by missions that impact the public, Octo, an IBM company, has opportunities that might be right for you. Check out openings for technologists and support professionals at every career stage. Visit our Careers page now.   

Gianna Rowe | Virginia Tech | Computational Modeling and Data Analytics 

In 5 to 10 years, I would love to see myself at Octo, hopefully helping out future interns with their intern projects. My mentors have been extremely helpful, and I would like to be a mentor to someone in a similar way down the line.

Chris Attorri | Catholic University of America | Computer Science 

I am someone who can adapt quickly and finish what needs to be done regardless of the circumstances. I want to be known as the person who could be counted on when the tasks seemed overwhelming or unlikely to get done. 

Arnay Vohra | Virginia Tech | Computer Science 

I’d love for this internship to turn into a career with Octo/IBM or doing something similar and making an impact.

Katherine Maus | George Mason University | Computer Science 

In five years, I see myself in a leadership role, building a product/UI that incorporates the newest technology. In 10 years, I hope to be working to give back to and help my surrounding community.

Drew Allegra | Virginia Tech Grad | Meteorology 

More than anything, I want to be known as a hard worker. I always want to be someone who can be seen as a role model for others.

Moeed Chaudhry | Virginia Tech | Computer Science 

I’ve made it a point to expose myself to different technologies, concepts, and fields associated with my major. I’d like to be known for my diverse skillset and the ability to adapt to the needs of any project.