Meet the Interns: Calvin Nguyen

Here at Octo, we believe innovation comes from those at any stage of their career. That’s one reason why we have a solid internship program in place, and it’s why we are featuring staff who are embarking on their IT journeys while completing their education. In this installment of Meet the Interns, we feature Calvin Nguyen, a Mechanical Engineering major at George Mason University, who loves cruise ships, football, video games – and innovation!

What is one fun fact about you?

Interestingly, my first-grade classmates taught me to read and write. We were normally taught to read and write in Kindergarten, but because I had to stay in the hospital for an extended period of time which caused me to skip Kindergarten, I was put in the first grade and learned to read and write with the classmates I sat next to. The person that primarily taught me is still one of my closest friends today, and we still keep in touch daily.

What are some of your professional interests?

I have always been fascinated with mechanical engineering, but throughout my college career I have become more fascinated with coding and computer science. I’m interested in how the technology or applications around us work, and I want to gain a greater understanding in it.

What drew you to Octo for an internship?

Because of my fascination with computer science, I really wanted to join Octo and learn more about coding and computer science in the workforce. I also really wanted to be part of a team where we spend the summer learning together and getting to know each other as a team.

What do you hope to gain from the internship?

During my time at Octo, I hope to learn more about the applications and programs that we use today and how we can use that information to innovate and create much more effective technology in the computer engineering industry.

Who is one innovator you admire and why?

I definitely admire Stephen Hawking. Because of his ALS, his expectations were reduced to none. But his condition didn’t stop him from leading the field of theoretical physics and go on to become one of the most influential people who uncovered and explained the mysteries of our universe. He overcame the odds of adversity and didn’t give up because of his condition. I find that truly inspiring.

What is your impression of Octo so far?

I love the hospitality that this team offers and that everyone I talk to is so open and friendly. Working at Octo is amazing. I hope to continue to get to know the team further and make fun memories with them!

What are you most excited to be working on?

I am really excited to work on a summer long project with the rest of my internship team, tackling a large problem and dividing it into segments together to conquer it together. I love the aspect of teamwork, and it seems that my coworkers are all wonderful people to work with.

What excites you about machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI)?

I am super fascinated about how innovative and modern AI can be. What really excites me most is the innovative technology that can come with ML/AI because of the rapid development in said field. I can’t wait to get hands on and learn about the intricacies and many uses of machine learning.

What do you want to be working on in two years? In five?

I want to continue to work and innovate in the field of mechanical engineering and in the field of computer science. It’s my passion to continuously learn as the world around me continuously changes with technology becoming so prominent in day-to-day life. I am determined and driven to make an impact on the modern era of technology, and I can’t wait to see how much technology can change within a short span of years.


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