Meet the Innovators: Michael Harry

Welcome back to Meet the Innovators, where we feature the thinkers and doers making great things happen for Octo’s customers. Today we’re interviewing Michael Harry, Director of Business Systems Analysis in our Health business unit. Michael serves our customers at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. 

Welcome Michael. I understand you are relatively new to Octo. Can you share a little about your first months and the culture you’ve experienced? 

In my first few months at Octo, I’ve seen a solid teamwork ethic. Everyone is hands-on and ready to dive into new challenges, especially in the areas of data science. It’s clear there’s room here to not only build on existing foundations, but to develop completely new areas of work, which is exciting for the future.

How would you describe the work you do for Octo? 

I bring top-tier data science and analytics solutions to empower the VA in serving our nation’s Veterans through innovation.

So, what does a typical day look like for you? 

No two days are the same for me, and that’s something I really enjoy. A typical day may kick off with updates from team members and heads of projects to gauge our progress. Later, we might dive into a client meeting or solutioning session to address any emerging challenges that our clients face. I also always make sure to allocate time for connecting with other people in the company, to ensure we are sharing knowledge and capabilities to better serve our clients.

How would you define “innovation” and how do you apply it in helping our customers “jump the technology curve”? 

Innovation means making bold change for the sake of being better. The VA possesses vast and impactful data. By using advanced tools and integrating it all into a contemporary data ecosystem, we are taking bold steps to help the VA enhance the lives of our country’s veterans.

What is one project or challenge you have taken on, and what is your approach? 

We’ve kicked off our “White Glove Ingest-to-Insights” initiative at the VA. It’s an innovative approach featuring a specialized data “SWAT team” focused on advanced analytics to address genuine business issues on behalf of VA program offices.

To guarantee success and speed-to-insights, we’re streamlining architecture, technology, and procedures into reusable frameworks. This allows the team to concentrate on delivering data science solutions without taking on technical burden—and it allows us to remain laser focused on the client’s objectives.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in the industry? 

Prioritize learning, as there’s always something new to discover from others and the world is in a constant state of change.

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