Meet the Innovators: Jeremy Opacich

Welcome back to Meet the Innovators! In the realm of technological progress, innovation is key. At Octo, the spirit of invention and advancement is embodied by our talented professionals who strive to push boundaries every day. Today, we’re excited to introduce Jeremy Opacich, a Senior Software Engineer at Octo, who has been a driving force in our National Security and Civilian BU.  

Jeremy, what is the essence of your role at Octo?

As a Senior Software Engineer, my work revolves around propelling the BU forward, especially in facilitating the Federal Communications Commission’s modernization efforts.

Reflecting on your 4-year journey with Octo, what impact have you made?

Over these four years, my role as the lead developer on an Agile software development team has been multifaceted. From guiding technical strategy and architecture to engaging in hands-on coding and mentoring, my objective is to ensure our products are innovative, secure, and in strict adherence to industry standards. Each day, I aim to bridge the gap between our team’s expertise and the client’s needs to exceed our collective vision for an effective, modern, and user-focused product.

Jeremy, how do you personally interpret “innovation”?

To me, innovation is a relentless pursuit of improvement, often realized through small, intentional enhancements that cumulatively lead to significant breakthroughs. It’s often relative, uniquely defined for each project, and always evolving.

In what ways does your position facilitate the jump across the technology curve for clients?

You have to walk before you can run near the technology curve, not to mention jumping it.  In supporting modernization efforts, I work to reframe our clients’ perspectives and seek transformative ways to advance, step by step, beyond the status quo.
One of my many mantras is “Keep moving forward.”.  With this internal drive, I engage my team to map out paths to elevate our clients’ current systems and strategically position them to leap ahead.

Can you share your approach to facing a new project or challenge?

For every project or challenge, I begin by seeking out knowledge and information about the subject. I practice rigorous self-honesty regarding my strengths and weaknesses, and I collaborate with others to bolster areas where I’m less skilled. By leveraging my strengths, seeking help when necessary, and maintaining a comprehensive view of the project, I find there’s very little that can’t be overcome.

What guidance would you offer newcomers to the tech industry?

Embrace discomfort. Technology is ever evolving, and by pushing yourself into the unknown and embracing what’s uncomfortable, you’ll cultivate resilience, intelligence, and a resourceful mindset that’s indispensable for driving innovation

Jeremy’s journey at Octo highlights a blend of technical mastery, strategic foresight, and a drive for innovation. His story is a testament to the environment Octo creates – one where talent, creativity, and ambition thrive.

Are you too an innovator at heart? Does the idea of tackling challenges and driving innovation daily excite you? At Octo, we’re constantly on the lookout for professionals who are passionate about making a difference, particularly in supporting critical federal missions. To discover how you can contribute to our dynamic team and help shape the future, visit our careers page. For veterans seeking new challenges, your next mission might just begin with us. Start your journey here.