Meet the Innovators: James Farley

Meet the Innovators: James Farley Vice President, Enterprise Solutions oLabs

Vice President, Enterprise Solutions

In our first installment in this series, we talked to Cesar Tavares of Octo’s oLabs™. Today, we’re interviewing James Farley, Vice President of Enterprise Solutions, a military veteran and the leader of our Centers of Excellence, the power behind oLabs.

What is your title, and what do you do for Octo? 

As Vice President of Enterprise Solutions, I am responsible for the solutions architecture work that goes into our market strategy, specifically as it relates to innovation and our Centers of Excellence.

At Octo, we talk about jumping the curve. What does that mean?

We jump the technology curve by bringing accelerators to our clients. We evaluate industry trends and best practices for our customers so they can confidently adopt proven solutions, processes, and frameworks. These solutions help them accomplish their missions more efficiently and effectively.

What are some of the technologies you get to work with on a regular basis?

I lead of team of technologists who geek out on everything. On a daily basis, I work with DevSecOps experts. I help coach Agile development teams regarding their delivery and systems and software engineering capabilities. On a personal level, I geek out on anything related to cloud and enhancing and developing cloud technologies for our clients. To me, the cloud is the biggest accelerator we can bring to the Federal Government.

What is oLabs?

oLabs is an innovation space. It’s a maker space. It’s a place for technical innovators and experts to come together to develop new solutions for our federal clients. It’s a space for us to bring our customers and our technologists together to collaboratively solve the most difficult problems that federal agencies face in accomplishing their missions.

Why would new developers want to work at Octo, and what does oLabs specifically offer to the next generation of innovators?

Octo’s culture fosters innovative ideas and fresh perspectives. Through Octo University (our internal professional development program), we teach multiple technologies and industry best practices so that every employee can advance his or her career. We are always looking for innovators and technologists who want to generate and develop expertise in fields – even fields that may not exist yet. We don’t believe in forcing people to stay inside of one box. In fact, we encourage all of our employees to challenge the status quo and to never stop learning.

oLabs provides a platform for new developers or technologists to have significant interaction with leaders in their field, including people who regularly innovate in the gray and support technology adoption throughout the Federal Government. These known professionals and experts will mentor and lead the next generation of innovators through oLabs.

What is like to be a veteran at Octo?

As a veteran, our country’s success and national security are extremely important to me. Being a veteran at Octo is rewarding because I get to focus on the missions of our clients. Every program and project we deliver is mission focused. I enjoy participating in strategic initiatives to deliver solutions, as well as creating veterans’ education and recruiting programs.

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