Meet the Innovators: Elvira Bianco

Meet the Innovators: Elvira Bianco 

Ever wonder where creative thinking fits into GovCon? It’s something we value at Octo, and that’s why we’ve been highlighting our innovators in this series. Today, we’re pleased to introduce Elvira Bianco, Senior Consultant and Training and Change Management Lead for the General Services Administration, Contract Acquisition Life-cycle Management (GSA CALM) program. Elvira has been with Octo for 20 months and offers an interesting take on creativity and innovation.

Elvira, thank you for chatting with us today. How would you describe the tasks you tackle on a daily basis and why?  

High-intensity, user-focused, and at the service of my team. On a daily basis, I produce communications, documentation, and programs that are pushed out to a large audience. It’s a fast-paced environment where tasks need to be turned around quickly and quality needs to remain intact. Everything I produce is highly user focused because it is driven by the needs, best interest, and requests of the user base, which is also our customer.

What is one project or work challenge you have taken on, and how are you approaching/overcoming it?  

I’ve been coordinating the logistics of onboarding and training programs with many moving pieces and dependencies. It can be overwhelming. Task analysis and time management are key. I consistently am reprioritizing my to-dos. I also create detailed plans of execution to ensure I am on top of everything. I constantly think of the impact on my team, which motivates me to ensure I have the solid framework in place for them to them to build on.

When you think of the word “innovation” in terms of your work, what comes to mind and why?  

I think of a new creative approach or change to a product or service that will boost its quality or value. Higher quality or value can be reflected by increased efficiency in the way someone does their job or increased output by a team. The team is key to my philosophy here. I also serve as lead Scrum Master, so in this capacity I facilitate the efforts of my team and provide guidance. It’s so important for a team to be well engaged and transparent in order for a product or service to be its best version. I live by the motto, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” (attributed to Aristotle). You can’t have innovation without a cohesive team.

Octo’s tagline is “Jump the technology curve.” How do you help your customer do that?  

As the Change Management Lead of CALM, I help drive user adoption of the new modernized system Octo is helping to develop. I help users tear down their walls of fear and resistance by providing the tools necessary to embrace the change, learn new skills, and “jump the tech curve.”

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in your position?  

Be proactive and openminded. Take on new tasks or projects and run with them, especially if they are slightly outside of your area of expertise. Do the research and study to accomplish them. These types of projects have the greatest potential for professional growth. When you do this, don’t forget that in a grand implementation, there are many unknowns and gray areas, so be flexible and adaptable. And always put yourself in the shoes of your user base, client, and team members.

Are you seeking a career where innovation takes center stage and creative approaches to problem solving are welcome? Take a look at Octo’s Career page. We’re hiring technologists, leaders, and support staff at every level, and you’ll work with people like Elvira who are committed to the customer and to the team.