Intelligence Discovery at Mission Speed

CXSearch is an AI-powered tool that transforms existing intelligence search and discovery capabilities by combining sophisticated geospatial indexing with natural language query. With CXSearch, your team can build a single source of truth that enables you to find mission critical data to make informed decisions in real time.

See the Whole Picture

CXSearch provides a powerful interface allowing users to construct precise queries using natural language, search across multiple systems, define criteria for the information desired, and interact with data across their enterprise and beyond. Inherently flexible and secure, you can use the platform with either modern systems or legacy systems with equal ease. One of the benefits of CXSearch is just that – it bolts onto legacy systems like a microservice.

CXSearch forgoes the traditional search, that requires complicated query building using forms, drop down and other cumbersome options. Using natural vocabulary, CXSearch delivers faster query results while removing the need for highly-trained analysts. Whether it’s the ability to search across disparate datasets simultaneously or visualize data in an intuitive manner, CXSearch empowers users of all experience levels to search, discover, retrieve, and share data.

Take Control of Your Data

Data is our greatest asset. But information means nothing if it’s not actionable. As threats become more sophisticated across every domain — space, air, land, and sea — there’s more data than ever to sift through. When seconds matter, the ability to analyze large, disparate amounts of data is critical. At Octo, we’ve developed a revolutionary platform that provides the entire picture, placing data at your fingertips so you can collaborate and take action at mission speed.

Find out how CXSearch is changing the way we interact with data.

Discover the Benefits

Limited Connectivity Environment Performance

CXSearch runs across low bandwidth communications, making it accessible even in austere environments. This means anyone authorized to use the system can retrieve mission critical data, affording improved access to sources that have the potential to immediately influence tactical decisions.

Designed for Any User

Data retrieval capabilities happen in the background, invisible to the user. The system translates the user’s natural language query into a complex query toquickly and effectively isolate the desired dataset. With CXSearch, this data can be accessed by anyone authorized to use the system — users see only the data they are authorized to see.

Configurable and Flexible

CXSearch can connect to any type of data source, and works well with all types of complex data to include:

  • Geospatial
  • Structured and unstructured
  • Big and small data

Platform Features

DoD Approved

CXSearch technologies are currently deployed in the field by multiple organizations across the DoD.

Federated Search

CXSearch enables simultaneous search of multiple resources, allowing analysts to see the complete picture.

Enhanced Visualization

CXSearch prioritizes user experience, enabling users to gain actionable data rapidly.

Smart Replication

CXSearch autonomously replicates and synchronizes data enabling disconnected operations.

Pluggable Architecture

CXSearch is an out-of-the-box solution that uses existing interfaces to solve requirements, empowering analysts to make an immediate impact.

Flexible Deployment

CXSearch can operate on portable devices, on-prem or in the cloud.

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