Harness AI to Manage Massive Battlefield Data

360° Situational Awareness at the Tactical Edge

Tactical units operating in austere conditions represent the tip of the tactical spear on today’s battlefield. On these front lines where communication networks are weak and access to the latest cloud computing technology is limited, units struggle to move data and quickly analyze threats. The solution? CXEdge.

Simple But Robust

CXEdge is an AI platform designed to run on low size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C) hardware. It enables tactical teams to collect, analyze, and distribute mission critical data in real time on handheld devices. CXEdge enhances situational awareness, shortens target timeline, increasing mission effectiveness and safety in the most challenging conditions.

Designed for tactical units and teams without access to robust networks or enterprise cloud resources, CXEdge uses the power of AI to employ innovative compute and data management capabilities at the tactical edge.

Extensible architecture and robust APIs enable rapid integration of emerging sensors and soldier-borne compute hardware. Based on open source software, CXEdge provides unlimited flexibility and tears down stovepipes inherent in proprietary solutions.

Real Time Critical Data

CXEdge allows end users to ingest, store, transform, and disseminate real-time insights from tactical AI and Machine Learning (ML) processes to Android Team Awareness Kits (ATAK), Integrated Visual Augmentation Systems (IVAS), Enhanced Night Vision Goggle – Binoculars (ENVG-B), and other devices.

A user-centric AI platform, CXEdge enables real time aggregation of information across battlefield sensors – everything from hand-held devices to Group 5 UAVs, even in delayed/disconnected, intermittently-connected, low-bandwidth (DDIL) environments. It delivers relevant information to the end user when and where they need it, no cloud necessary.

Store and disseminate products from the tactical edge, including:

Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on captured enemy material

Aided Target Recognition (AiTR)

3D geospatial analysis

Plus CXEdge federates valuable mission data up, down, and across echelons, in the face of DDIL comms, enabling multi-domain operations.

Real Users in Mind

Developed by industry leading AI/ML engineers who want to help solve hard tactical problems and whose focus is to develop battlefield changing technology unconstrained, CXEdge compresses the target approval timeline.

Why Octo?

Known for challenging the status quo and innovating in the gray, we don’t take a standard approach to development. Using collaboration combined with cutting-edge tools and advanced resources, Octo empowers DoD and Intelligence agencies to meet missions that impact individuals, teams, and the nation.

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