U.S. Air Force

Kessel Run Experimentation Lab

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The Problem:

The US Air Force is redefining how it builds and delivers software to warfighters by using industry software best practices and standards. They are replacing legacy software at Air Force Air and Space Operation Centers (AOC), but the traditional approach to software development (waterfall) was not meeting the AOC’s needs for this effort. The Air Force requires engineers who can contribute to software delivery and support Airmen, government civilians, and contractors who are applying more modern, mature commercial software engineering principles such as Agile, extreme programming (XP), and test-driven development (TDD).

The Solution:

Octo provides highly skilled engineers who can build and deliver software and who fit Kessel Run’s culture. Culture is imperative at Kessel Run because the Air Force has learned that traditional methods of government acquisition and software engineering were not following modern commercial industry best practices and standards, leading to failure of many software development efforts. Octo has provided engineers who are leaders in XP and TDD and who can help guide Kessel Run’s software engineering decision making.

Key Takeaways
  • Octo instituted a new internal process for identifying candidates who are both strong engineers and fit the Kessel Run cultural environment.
  • In less than a year, we have delivered multiple applications to production that have high rates of user adoption.
  • Octo serves as technical leadership helping guide Kessel Run initiatives and decision making.
  • We lead XP and React workshops.

The Benefits

Octo has helped the Kessel Run organization scale and grow by replacing legacy applications and manual processes, resulting in cost savings. We continue to serve as technical leaders helping to guide Kessel Run’s IT initiatives and decision making.