Collaborating for a Resilient
Health IT Ecosystem

There’s never been more urgent need for proven solutions in the Federal Health market. Health agencies cannot afford to maintain the status quo or wait to take action on pressing problems. That’s why now is the time to reimagine a more streamlined approach to Federal Health, one that takes the best tools and people available and puts them to work to meet the greatest demand determined by your agency’s priorities — the demand for better health outcomes.

Proven Solutions 

As the premier digital modernization firm for the Federal Government, Octo serves our nation’s Health organizations, including Health and Human Services, Veterans Affairs, and the Defense Health Agency.

Providing some of the most advanced IT modernization capabilities in the GovCon space, we bring the simplicity of low-code/no-code systems development, combined with AI, machine learning, and data analytics to empower Health customers to streamline priorities and processes and solve problems to improve results.

Learn how Octo empowers agencies to achieve better outcomes in five key areas:

Deliver Digital Transformation

Octo created the Digital Transformation Center (DTC) which accelerates the VA’s modernization efforts by using emerging technologies to better serve veterans and their families. Learn more about Octo’s DTC development.

Improve Scientific Research

Cloud technologies drive cost savings, improve application flexibility, and support dispersed users so CBIIT can more effectively support NCI’s cutting-edge research. Learn more about Octo’s cloud solutions at NCI. 

Increase Enterprise Efficiency

Agile DevSecOps strategies with PaaS, low-code, and cloud-based modernization delivers increased efficiency for SAMHSA through quicker integrations and reduced cost of ownership. Introducing AI across the enterprise supports agency staff and powers initiatives to help the public find treatment for mental health and substance use challenges.

Ensure Cybersecurity

To ensure the VA’s ambitious modernization goals were able to be reached while still maintaining the highest security standards, Octo’s team, which leads the DTC program, developed a plan to embrace FedRAMP and help guide vendors through the process. Learn more about Octo’s approach to cyber at the VA.

Ready to learn more? Tell us about your Health organization’s priorities and ask about our proven solutions that drive better outcomes. Schedule a more detailed discussion with our team.