Octo Wins Agile Software Engineering Contract with Air Force’s Kessel Run Lab

April 23, 2019, RESTON, Va. – Octo Consulting today announced it has been awarded a Prime contract with the Kessel Run Experimentation Lab, managed by the U.S. Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) at Hanscom Air Force Base, Massachusetts. The Air Force sought a partner to continue transforming legacy applications using cloud-native, 12-factor development techniques and fully leveraging the enhanced security and rapid prototyping capability provided by Platform as a Service (PaaS) technology. Octo will deliver Agile software engineering expertise to allow the Kessel Run Experimentation Lab to rapidly refactor legacy applications using microservices, APIs and highly responsive modern user interfaces.

A key difference in the way the Kessel Run Experimentation Lab executes its mission is that it co-locates product teams, platform teams, subject matter experts, and program oversight. This deliberate approach on the part of the Air Force seeks to bridge the literal and figurative gaps between customers, developers, designers, and product owners. This model, when combined with the Pivotal PaaS, supports rapid delivery of value to Air Force end users, and breaks from legacy development models where application updates sometimes were infrequent and systems fragile.

With this win, Octo expands its support with the U.S. Air Force and into one of the military’s most forward-thinking laboratory environments.

“This contract exemplifies the work we really love doing here at Octo. This is forward-leaning support using the latest technologies and methodologies and is also in direct support of our warfighters,” said Octo Executive Vice President Jim Vant. “This work also allows us to leverage our established targeting and GEOINT capabilities for the benefit of the Air Force.”

“AFLCMC and the Kessel Run Experimentation Lab looked for companies that shared their cutting-edge model for Agile software development and their unflinching emphasis on value delivery to customers,” added Octo CEO Mehul Sanghani. “We believe our proven experience with PaaS-enabled software engineering and cloud-native development on mission systems provides reduced risk and immediate impact for the Air Force. We are elated to have been chosen to support the Air Force and the Kessel Run Experimentation Lab on this transformation project and we look forward to a strong partnership.”

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