GEOINT Day 2: Getting Data Where It Needs To Be, When It Needs To Be There

By The Octo Editor

‘Delivering actionable intelligence securely, reliably, and resiliently, globally and across all domains.’ That has been a major, stated theme of GEOINT 2022. It’s also one reflected by Octo’s subject matter experts attending symposium presentations, discussing the state of geospatial intelligence, and demonstrating Octo’s cutting-edge capabilities that allow the intelligence and defense communities to meet their critical missions.

“Data modernization and visualization have been focal points for Octo as we work at breaking down barriers and eliminating silos for our customers,” says Senior Director Navi Kanwar who is among those from Octo attending GEOINT and discussing the breakout sessions. Navi, who is based in Octo’s Reston, Virginia office, has been key to GEOINT projects, especially those at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). “Octo and the NGA have been working closely for a number of years,” he says. “Our primary mission is making data available and useful for our customers, providing tools and applications they need to be successful in the intelligence space. It’s a mission I’m passionate about.”

Navi also knows how important NGA’s initiatives are and how diverse and immense their data is. “NGA’s mission is to ‘know the Earth, show the way, and understand the world.’ That’s no small task. They gather and share data that literally impacts everyone, disseminating information from beneath the sea, through satellites and drones…everywhere. Their reach is incredible, which makes the work we do incredibly important.”

Amie Pleasant, also at GEOINT, is a Data Manger and Security Team Lead based in Chantilly, Virginia. She works with the Common Data Fabric (CDF), Octo’s data brokering service she calls “a one-stop shop for the community that shares data via policy.” According to Amie, Octo’s goals align perfectly with the themes reiterated throughout GEOINT 2022. “Octo is focused on getting data to the community on time and getting data where it needs to be. That can be any agency or organization within defense or intelligence.”

Navi echoes Amie’s sentiment. “Octo is the premier data modernization company for defense and intelligence,” he says. “We are successful because we are focused on being an IT company, providing the latest and greatest practices and technologies to our customers.”

Those technologies come with staff dedicated to DoD and IC missions and the people who make them happen. Help Desk Coordinator Amanda Robles who is based in Octo’s Chantilly office with Amie supports CDF community agencies and organizations throughout the DoD and IC. She and her team are available to answer questions and problem solve in classified and unclassified environments. Talking to attendees at Octo’s GEOINT booth, Amanda says about the group she leads, “We’re the frontlines of CDF. We’re the first point of contact. We work with users, but we also work with engineers and provide secondary services in some cases.”

It’s a great work environment, according to Amanda, who began her Octo career in 2017 as an administrative professional and worked her way up to her current role.

“Octo is not your typical GovCon company,” she says. “We support everyone’s growth. We’ve created this great community. And we don’t let anyone fail.”

Amie agrees Octo is unique. “We changed the way people hire,” she says. “We don’t hire for years of experience or for certifications. We hire for drive, for desire to learn, for dedication to the mission. We’re just this crazy diverse group of people who help each other grow and learn while focused on helping the customer.”

“We’re dedicated to the DoD and IC,” says Amanda. “So it’s important that we’re here at GEOINT. These are the people we’re here to help.”

For more information on CDF and Octo’s other advanced data solutions designed for the GEOINT community, stop by booth 531, or reach out to a member of Team Octo at For career opportunities, visit

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