General Services Administration

Contract Acquisition Life-cycle Management (CALM)

The Challenge:

Today, GSA acquisition workforce must use multiple various systems, each for specific functions during each phase of the acquisition life cycle. These systems reside in an outdated, on-premise infrastructure that introduces technical debts and challenges to meet security compliance requirements. The Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) needed to acquire an integrated, commercial acquisition management solution requiring minimal customization to support the contract acquisition life cycle. This tool should also come with a unified set of tools to make the FAS enterprise acquisition process simpler, more modern, and more efficient.

The Solution:

The Contract Acquisition Life-cycle Management (CALM) solution includes three best-in-class technologies that together form a single system that automates and streamlines the entire life cycle of contract management—from early stages of market research to solicitation generation, evaluation, award, tracking, and contract close-out, all in a single application. The CALM program integrates two commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products to meet the overall objectives of the CALM solution, Unison PRISM and Bizagi Cloud. Unison’s PRISM COTS Software as a Service (SaaS) handles most of the acquisition life cycle’s requirements and is hosted within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud. Supporting proposal evaluation is Bizagi Cloud for Government, which provides workflow automation based on business rules. Bizagi is offered as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) and is implemented and hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud. The capabilities of these two products are enhanced by a third product, Contract Acquisition Lifecycle Intelligence (CALI). Provided by Octo, CALI uses machine learning to streamline the compliance evaluation of vendor proposals against the solicitation requirements. CALI is offered as an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution hosted within Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud.

The July 2022 delivery marks the completion of CALM’s full capabilities of over 1600 requirements. As of July 2022, CALM also fully integrates the Pegasys financial management system and launches CALM’s new AI-assisted proposal compliance evaluation solution with a completely refreshed look and feel that greatly enhances CALM’s user experience. By the end of FY22, it is anticipated that CALM will include relevant data to support 3,000 active contracts including VETS2, Allliant2, Stars3, and Oasis, among others. Phase 3 of CALM focuses on transition of legacy systems and begins in October 2022.

  • During user assessment period, 100% of participants found CALM easy to use, and 95% thought it was easy to learn.
  • 499 users have been trained with a satisfaction rating of 92%.
  • 61 new solicitations have been run through the system, and 266 awards have been made.
  • 65 GWAC VETS2 contracts with 15,629 supporting files have been successfully migrated to CALM. 1300+ additional contracts including Alliant GWACs, OASIS, and others are in User Acceptance Test (UAT) and will be migrated to production by end of Sep 2022.

The Benefits

The GSA has received and is quickly adopting the integrated, commercial acquisition management solution it needed, one that requires minimal customization and that can support the contract acquisition life cycle. CALM has helped the GSA realize substantial increase in productivity and quality of acquisition processes and has greatly increased team collaboration and automated manual processes.