General Services Administration

Enterprise Operations Support Services (EOSS)

The Challenge:

GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) has conducted a telecommunications program under which individual Federal Agencies have acquired related services and products since the 1990’s, encompassing such well-known contracts as EIS. GSA constructed the National Hosting Center (NHC) to track the contracting, pricing, and billing support data associated with billions of dollars of products and services acquired by agencies on GSA vehicles. The Enterprise Operations Support Services – Business Process (EOSS) contract was awarded by GSA to Octo to maintain and manage the complex NHC environment and to ensure that the integrity and security of the NHC contracting data is maintained to the highest standards. However, at the same time EOSS began, GSA was undertaking multiple transitions, including the transition from Networx to EIS and the wind-down of its associated legacy contracts, and the transition of responsibility for EIS to GSA CIO.

The Solution:

Octo’s GSA application management and enhancement track record demonstrated on the Halley’s COMET and CALM projects informed our solution approach to EOSS. After providing a secure transition, Octo focused on software and infrastructure development and O&M grounded in proven Agile DevSecOps. Octo organized around key task areas – business process execution, application development, infrastructure management, and service delivery – delivering significant integration and cross-training of the Octo groups to maximize program productivity resulting in high throughput of NHC data processing, a steady stream of new NHC tool features, high NHC system stability, and trusted service delivery to facilitate high customer satisfaction.

  • Establishment of Octo’s 29 member EOSS Team and transition of the highly complex environment were completed on time and with minimal impact to GSA operations.
  • Since contract transition, Octo has delivered up to six times the historical volume while maintaining traditional process cycle times despite a corresponding increase in the number of instances for which manual processing of “troubled data” is required.
  • Octo organized managing NHC around proven processes and a core group of full-stack system engineers, delivering system availability well above the 99.9% SLA standard in 2022.
  • Through 33 Agile sprints the EOSS development team has established a perfect record of making aggressive commitments and delivering new features on time and within budget.
  • Octo reduced more than 60 security POA&Ms, many of them rated “high” and “critical,” to a steady state of less than five open POAM’s by the end of 2021 and has maintained that level during 2022.
  • In spite of declining GSA revenues, Octo has maintained system stability, added new required NHC features, and maintained accelerating levels (3x-6x historical norms) of business process activity.
  • Octo’s help desk service to the NHC’s 500+ user community processes nearly 150 requests and incidents per month, with a single full-time Service Desk technician earning in 2022 an average customer satisfaction survey score of 4.8 (out of 5.0)
  • GSA awarded Octo a new EOSS task order in 2022 to provide analysis and support development of alternatives to static maintenance of the legacy NHC environment.