Department of Defense

DI2E DevTools

The Challenge:

The government had a challenge managing, accessing, and controlling its vast software development pipelines. Government contractors developed code in their own factories, often not secured to DoD standards. Furthermore, software was built with proprietary code and dependencies that were often not delivered with the contract, causing vendor lock-in and increased cost.

The Solution:

Octo created DI2E DevTools which lays the framework for many DoD and Intelligence Community (IC) efforts to control their software pipelines. The solution provides secured repositories, managed build cycles, and automated security testing​. In 2017, DI2E DevTools made the transition to operate 100% on AWS GovCloud, allowing DoD to take advantage of a more reliable and secure cloud offering.

  • Over the past eight years and three contracts, Octo has provided the engineering, security, application support, and customer service support for 50,000 users and over 5,000 unique projects resulting in greater efficiency, reliability, and security.

The Benefits

DI2E DevTools provides a reliable, scalable, secure toolset that performs under heavy workloads while offering an enterprise capability to design, develop, test, and document code​.