U.S. Air Force

SAF/FM E-Finance Leaveweb FMSuite (ELF) Development and Sustainment

Octo - Case Studies

The Challenge

The Air Force required a contractor with deep technical and functional knowledge of the eFinance, LeaveWeb, FMSuite (ELF) applications and an ability to modernize the program to Agile and CMMI best practices, and cloud-based systems. The Office of the Secretary of the Air Force required this support to achieve timely financial operations and greater performance and availability of the ELF systems that support nearly 500,000 users.

The Solution

Octo provided new test engineering, configuration management, cloud engineering expertise, and cybersecurity support. We also incorporated new Agile tooling and processes to increase the frequency of software delivery and quality assurance to improve the code quality.

  • Moving to Agile development has increased product quality and timeliness. Octo migrated the ELF LeaveWeb system to the cloud with minimal refactoring while introducing new test engineering practices that improved code and product quality.
  • We were able to institute Agile best practices such as interactive online requirements reviews, demonstrations, and configuration management, that improved product quality and timeliness.

The Benefits

Octo improved system support and performance by shifting to a cloud environment while maintaining all necessary security protocols. Utilizing Agile tools improved customer engagement and provides visualization of potential code releases enhancing decision making.